Beetroot & Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control


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Galook Beetroot and Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is a non sticky, non greasy and fast absorb hair oil with Onion Black Seed Oil blended with Almond, Castor, Jojoba, Olive & Coconut Oils. Regular use helps bring silkiness and strength to tresses, and improves the way hair looks, feels and behaves. Made with 100% pure cold pressed oils, 100% free of hexane.

  • Step 1 : Part your hair in two halves and apply the oil directly to the scalp
  • Step 2 : Leave it overnight, or for few hours.
  • Step 3 : Wash off with Galook Beetroot and Onion Shampoo

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    Shahnawaz Ali

    My experience with onion oli 1=The oil is good quality and the fragrance like oinon. 2= If u used this oil for one week or for 3,4 days it will not show that much ruselt. 3=Use for atleast 1 month then u will see the result 4=After using this oil for one month u will see your hair has grown bigger and stronger If u r thinking to buy this product go ahead worth for money

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    Sameer Singh

    First of all i am in love with this hairoil.. 1 month before i was suffered from heavy hairfall.. Then i use this oil only four to five time in month.. This work great.. It reduse the breakage of hair. And also reduce hairfall.. Good oil.. Go for it

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    Nice product

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    Nidhi Singh

    I have curly hair and they r don't grow fast ,wow oil is help up to growth and stoping my hair fall, so I'm happy to find this..

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    Foram Mojidra

    This is definitely a awesome product..! I see results in only one use its very nice oil for hair fall .

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    This oil is good for hair growth and it is chemical free that great..

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