Galook Vitamin C 20 % Face Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, Brightening, Anti Aging, Skin Repair, Decrease formation of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sun Damage Corrector Face Serum (30 ml), Galook Vitamin C serum is a unique formulation of natural ingredients with the essential vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid. It helps to enhance your beauty by adding a glow to your skin. Its hydrating property keeps your skins supple soft and moist throughout the day. Regular use of this lightweight firming serum can help bring a visible glow to your Skin.

  • Step 1 : Apply 3-5 drops of essence serum on the face and neck twice a day in an upwards circular motion.
  • Step 2 : Massage gently till absorption.
  • Step 3 : During the day, follow it up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Ratings & Reviews

  • N

    Neelam Jahan

    I've been using this product from 2/3 months and i can feel the difference in my skin. At first when i used it, i feel like my skin was burning for like 1-2 mint but now it's getting pretty good. I don't feel that way. I can tell my skin is getting better. It is moisturised, hydrated, shines and my pores are also reducing. So it's a very good product for my dry skin

  • H


    I'm two week use my face is really glow soft dark spot is gone

  • H

    Harpreet Kaur

    This one is my favorite one i really like it...

  • S

    Sayamsamir Das

    This is very helpful to our skin but the quantity is small Overall good product

  • S

    Sasmita Jena

    This is my third bottle of galook product. Good product..I have oily skin but it's suits me perfectly so worth buying but it's take time to work.

  • B

    Bishnupriya Das

    This is's very light weight and galook pigmentation ....when u apply this serum face was extremely smooth like and shinning another level,I loved's my first expression and I luv this product..

  • P

    Pooja Saini

    galook product ....i feel soft and smooth skin when touch..i like this product.

  • S

    Sk amjad ali Ali

    1st time try this product... quite good

  • A

    Anjali Sharma

    My skin so dry and dull but first time used feel soft skin

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